C-Eye device at 2019 SOI Congress in Rome

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Prof. Cosimo Mazzotta Presents the C-Eye Device at the 99th National SOI Congress in Rome

EMAGine Scientific Advisory Board member, Prof. Cosimo Mazzotta of the University of Siena, Italy, stood at the podium and gave a presentation about the EMAGine C-Eye device on Friday, November 22nd, 2019.

In a presentation titled “C-Eye: New Cross-Linker at the Slit Lamp”, Prof. Mazzotta introduced delegates assembled in Rome for the 99th National Congress of the Società Oftalmologica Italiana (SOI) to the new, portable C-Eye cross-linking device and how it enables cross-linking to be performed at the slit lamp. He then went on to review the benefits that a cross-linking at the slit lamp approach can bring – namely reducing costs by bringing the procedure outside of the operating room, and “democratizing” access to corneal cross-linking for both ectasia and infectious keratitis (in a process called “PACK-CXL”).

For more information on the C-Eye device, click here. 

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