Optometry Today covers C-Eye

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Professor Farhad Hafezi, chief medical officer of the ELZA Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, speaks with Optometry Today about C-Eye, the future of cross-linking and treating infectious keratitis at the slit lamp.

Prof. Hafezi highlighted the advantages of cross-linking cases of infectious keratitis at the slit lamp, and noted, “Why would you take a septic eye into an aseptic operating theater to perform an antiseptic procedure?” He reviewed the potential advantages of photoactivated chromophore for keratitis-corneal cross-linking (PACK-CXL): killing both bacteria and fungi, and increasing tissue resistance to digestion, and with C-Eye, he explained how this device makes the slit lamp portable. Bringing CXL and PACK-CXL to any part of the world where slit lamps are available – particularly low-to-middle income countries – something that Prof. Hafezi described as “democratising” access to CXL technology.

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