US Ophthalmic Review reviews CXL at the Slit Lamp

We are happy to report the publication of a CXL at the slit lamp review article in US Ophthalmic Review. Publishing primary manuscripts describing new techniques is essential to presenting them to the world. What’s also important is review articles on the same topic. They allow authors to describe the technique, its context, and discuss everything in far greater detail than what is normally possible in the highly structured format of a primary manuscript. Further, the review articles are typically published in different journals to the primary manuscript, and although there will be an overlap in readership between the first and second journals, the review will expose more people to the authors’ work: in this case, CXL at the slit lamp.

In this article, Prof. Hafezi explores why CXL at the slit lamp should work as well as CXL performed in the lying position, all of the processes that occur in the cornea during the cross-linking reaction, how CXL at the slit lamp can be used to treat infectious keratitis or corneal ectasias, anywhere there is a slit lamp (rather than an OR), and how this will open up this sight-saving technology to far more people around the world who need it, compared to CXL’s accessibility today.

Read the article in the US Ophthalmic Review, here.

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