EMAGine Switzerland

Science First, Marketing Second

EMAGine AG is a spin-off company from the University of Geneva and the Geneva University Hospitals in Switzerland established in February 2013. EMAGine uses the philosophy of “Science First, Marketing Second” to produce and launch innovative and high-quality products that will be accessible to healthcare professionals and institutions worldwide.

The goal of EMAGine AG is to combat leading causes of global blindness by making corneal cross-linking technology accessible to all ophthalmologists. For this purpose, the team at EMAGine is currently developing the C-Eye© device and related product line to treat corneal infections by PACK-CXL and degenerations like keratoconus.

The C-Eye© device will be mounted on any type of regular slit lamp and comprises a set of innovative, new approaches to cross-linking technology, i.e. a real-time measurement of fluorescein to ensure correct saturation of the cornea with riboflavin.