First ever cross-linking at the slit lamp

Emilio Torres-Netto MD interviews Farhad Hafezi MD, PhD after he performs the first ever cross-linking at the slit lamp.



Emilio Torres-Netto: So Feri… congratulations.

Farhad Hafezi: Thank you, this was exciting.

ETN: After eight years, probably nine years,

FH: On March, 2011, the idea was born.

ETN: So today, born your new child.

FH: Yes, yes. Child number four.

ETN: The first two cross-linkings at the slit lamp. So what’s your feeling about your new child?

FH: Oh, I feel yes. That’s the child. So it’s 38 centimeters high and three kilos… No, I’m kidding. It’s a fantastic feeling. It took so many years of developing, and to be honest, even, even though we what we had to expect still, it’s very different to perform it for the first time. I was just very curious to see how easy or not easy it would be for the patient to stay at the slit lamp and what we have seen was that these two patients didn’t have any problem. Maybe it’s because of two things. Some of our patients, when they lie down, simply get sleepy and do not focus or concentrate on the light anymore.

So when you are sat upright, you won’t get sleepy. And on the other hand, we have the red fixation light on the other eye, you know, the one you can use to guide the patient’s movements and this helped a lot. So with the other eye open, the patient fixated on the light and this worked really nicely.

ETN: And you didn’t even need to reapply anaesthetics for the ten minutes.

FH: For the 10 minutes. We were totally fine.

ETN: One time was enough in the beginning of the procedure.

FH: One drop. Yes. So the patient just stayed in front. Didn’t move, stayed in front for ten minutes.

ETN: So congratulations again.

FH: Thank you!

ETN: First ever. All the best. And let’s use it now.


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