CXL inilahad

Diskubrehin ang kinabukasan ng cross-linking

Kabitan ng Slit Lamp

Para sa modernong CXL: kasya sa parehong disenyo ng Haag Streit at Zeiss slit lamp

Kabitan sa Mesa

For classic CXL: table mount accessory available.

Mga Pinagsamang Protokol

Mamili sa ilang preset na clinical protocol.

Range ng Intensities

Nagde-deliver ng 3, 9, 15, 18 at 30 mW/cm².

Pulsed at Continuous na Pag-ilaw

Para sa iba’t ibang settings ng keratoconus at nakakahawang keratitis.

Profile na Akma sa Kakapalan

May beam profile na nagdadala ng mas maraming enerhiya sa corneal periphery.

Superior Battery Technology

Ginawang matibay para kayanin ang libu-libong paggamot

Naa-access ang Wheelchair

Maginhawang tratuhin ang mga tao sa wheelchair

The C-eye device is CE marked for the following indications: keratoconus, ectasia after LASIK/PRK, pellucid marginal degeneration, infectious keratitis, sterile corneal melting, bullous keratopathy. The C-eye is not available for sale in the United States.


Ang C-eye device ng EMAGine ay dinadala ang cross-linking technology sa slit lamp. Simple, epektibo at ligtas gamitin ng baguhan o eksperto man.

Maraming gamit

Gawin ang CXL sa slit lamp. O gamitin ang C-eye device tulad ng ibang uri ng CXL device: nakakabit sa mesa, sa loob ng operating room

Madaling dalhin

Iba-iba ang lugar ng trabaho? Dalhin ang C-eye device saanman. I-charge gamit ang USB-C cable, ang smartphone charger, o laptop.


Binabawasan ang oras at mga gastos na nauugnay sa pagganap ng CXL

Babaguhin ng C-eye device ang cross-linking

Ang 221,000 ophthalmologists ay binibigkis ng iisang kagamitan: ang slit lamp. Ito ang takda ng ating propesyon. Binibigyan ng C-eye technology ang lahat ng ophthalmologist ng kakayahang gawin ang CXL gamit ang slit lamp. Di kinakailangan ang operating room. Simple. Epektibo. Ligtas. 

Mga ophthalmologist sa buong mundo

gamit sa slit lamp

Makabagong pag-link ng Modern

Cross-linking in the
CXL sa loob ng operating room

Ang klasikong paraan - CXL sa nakahiga na posisyon


Cross-linking para sa nakakahawang keratitis


Cross-linking para sa Ectasia

Maaari ko bang maisagawa ang CXL sa aking tanggapan?

What about the infection risk?

Remember that every cross-linking procedure not only improves biomechanics, it also “disinfects” the cornea by directly killing all micro-organisms and by inhibiting cellular replication. This is why a cornea at the end of every CXL and PACK-CXL procedure is “sterile”. And by the way: office-based cataract surgery at office-based intravitreal injections have been performed in many thousands of cases without increased infection risk. 

Isn't time too long?

Irradiation time is not too long. Current modern protocols are integrated in the C-eye device and treat in as little as 10 minutes (CXL) and 4 minutes (PACK-CXL). See the published approach dito.

Does CXL work in the sitting position?

We need 3 elements for successful cross-linking: UV light, oxygen and riboflavin. Both UV light and oxygen do not “care” whether the patient is laying down or sitting. As for riboflavin, published research shows that riboflavin concentration is stable in the upright position for up to 60 minutes - much longer than we need for a CXL treatment.

Is the patient comfortable?

Offer the patient the comfortable surgeon’s chair with the armrest and take the extra time to ensure that the patient is well-adjusted. Then, the patient is very comfortable.

What about the patient's fixation?

Fixation is no issue. Offer the patient the fixation target that most slit lamps offer (for retinal examination) and the patient will keep a very steady fixation, as you can see dito.

Find more answers in our FAQ section.

Mga Katugmang Slit Lamp

Kasya ang C-eye device sa maraming uri ng Haag-Streit at Zeiss type na slit lamps.

C-EYE Procedure Kit

One Riboflavin for
Keratoconus and Keratitis


CXL and Oxygen: Explaining the Relationship

EMAGine’s Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Farhad Hafezi of the ELZA Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, has prepared a presentation that provides a comprehensive overview of how oxygen concentration is at the center of all these decisions.

PACK-CXL as adjuvant therapy improves outcomes

“PACK-CXL is safe for use in bacterial keratitis cases. It also seems to add value in reducing healing time and improving final visual acuity while reducing the need for tectonic keratoplasty” noted the study authors.

What is the future of CXL?

Corneal cross-linking (CXL) has been used in the clinic for over 20 years now, but if you ever wanted to

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