C-eye Procedure Kit

The C-eye Procedure Kit was designed to combine the riboflavin solution along with a lightweight open-wire speculum that can be used both in the sitting and in the lying position. The consumable cap will ensure an interface between the ocular surface and the lashes of the patient and the device itself, preventing cross-contamination from one treatment to another.

Each treatment is activated by scanning a tag embedded in the C-eye Procedure Kit. The C-eye Procedure Kit is not available for sale in the United States of America.

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Technical information

C-eye Procedure Kit

  • The C-eye Procedure Kit contains 1 vial of Ribo-Ker solution, an open-wire speculum and a consumable cap.


Ribo-Ker solution

The Ribo-Ker solution was specifically developed by medical advisory board members of EMAGine and is designed for all epi-off CXL applications and all PACK-CXL applications as well as for iontophoresis-assisted epi-on CXL. The higher riboflavin concentration of Ribo-Ker allows for rapid stromal saturation and does not require viscosity modification using HPMC or dextrane.

  • Pre-loaded glass syringe containing 1.5 ml
  • Recommended instillation time: every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
  • Ingredients: 0.1% Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), saline, buffer, no HPMC, no dextrane


Dimensions of pages based on number of ordered kits

See dimensions chart here.


Additional information

Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions20.3 × 20.3 × 2.2 cm

HS-Code: 90185090

Dimensions of packages based on quantity ordered

10 pcs – 12x22x53 (cm)
20 pcs – 24x22x53 (cm)
30 pcs – 36x22x53 (cm)
40 pcs – 24x44x53 (cm)
50 pcs – 36x44x53 (cm)
60 pcs – 24x66x53 (cm)
70 pcs – 24x66x53 (cm)
80 pcs – 48x44x53 (cm)
90 pcs – 36x66x53 (cm)
100 pcs – 48x66x53 (cm)
110 pcs – 48x66x53 (cm)
120 pcs – 48x66x53 (cm)
130 pcs –  60x66x53 (cm)
140 pcs –  60x66x53 (cm)
150 pcs –  48x88x53 (cm)
160 pcs –  48x88x53 (cm)
170 pcs –  60x88x53 (cm)
180 pcs –  60x88x53 (cm)
190 pcs –  60x88x53 (cm)
200 pcs – 60x88x53 (cm)
210 pcs –  72x88x53 (cm)
220 pcs –  72x88x53 (cm)
230 pcs –  72x88x53 (cm)
240 pcs – 72x88x53 (cm)
250 pcs –  84x88x53 (cm)
260 pcs –  84x88x53 (cm)
270 pcs –  84x88x53 (cm)