CXL unbound

Discover the future of cross-linking

Slit Lamp Mount

For modern CXL:
fits on Haag Streit and Zeiss design-slit lamps.

Table Mount

For classic CXL:
table mount accessory available.

Range of Intensities

Delivers 3, 9, 15, 18 and 30 mW/cm².

Integrated protocols

Choose from a number of
preset clinical protocols.

Pulsed & Continuous Light

For various keratoconus
& infectious keratitis settings.

Superior Battery Technology

Built to last for thousands of treatments.

Thickness-adjusted Profile

Beam profile delivers
more energy in the corneal periphery.

The C-Eye device is CE marked for the following indications: keratoconus, ectasia after LASIK/PRK, pellucid marginal degeneration, infectious keratitis, sterile corneal melting, bullous keratopathy.

The C-Eye is not available for sale in the United States.

The C-Eye device will revolutionize cross-linking

All 221,000 ophthalmologists are united by one piece of equipment: the slit lamp. It defines our profession. The C-Eye technology provides all these ophthalmologists the ability to perform CXL at the slit lamp. Without an operating room. Simple. Efficient. Safe.

Ophthalmologists worldwide

at the Slit Lamp

Cross-linking the modern way

Cross-linking in the
operating room

The classic way – CXL in the lying position


EMAGine's C-Eye device brings cross-linking technology to the slit lamp. Simple, efficient and safe from the novice to the expert user.


Perform CXL at the slit lamp. Or use the C-Eye device just like any other CXL device: on a table mount, in your operating room.


Work in different places? Take the C-Eye device wherever you go. Charge it via USB-C, with your smartphone charger, or your laptop.

Compatible Slit Lamps
Find here the complete list of compatible slit lamps
C-Eye Procedure Kit
One Riboflavin for Keratokonus and Keratitis
Cross-Linking for infectious keratitis
Cross-linking for ectasia


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